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The Evolution of Virtual Events
and Webcasts at CI Investments




CI Investments, a leading investment management company, recognized the growing importance of virtual events and webcasts in maintaining effective communication with both internal teams and external stakeholders. With a commitment to fostering engagement and knowledge sharing, CI Investments sought to leverage innovative digital solutions to deliver impactful and interactive virtual events.

Identified Objectives: 

  • Showcase the successful transition from in-person events to engaging virtual experiences.

  • Highlight the implementation of digital solutions for producing high-quality virtual events and webcasts.

  • Demonstrate the effectiveness of interactive features and customized content in enhancing participant engagement and knowledge sharing.


The company faced the challenge of transitioning its traditionally in-person events and conferences into engaging and seamless virtual experiences. The primary goal was to ensure that the virtual events maintained the same level of interaction and value as their physical counterparts while also reaching a wider and more diverse audience across different geographical locations.


"Interactive learning is the future. We want engaging courses that help us grow as financial advisors."

In collaboration with a team of experienced digital strategists, designers, and IT professionals, we implemented a comprehensive solution for producing high-quality virtual events and webcasts. The solution included the following key components:

  • Advanced Virtual Event Platform: Integration of advanced virtual event platforms equipped with interactive features such as live Q&A sessions, virtual networking lounges, and real-time polling to encourage active participation and engagement.

  • Customized Webcast Production: Tailored production of webcasts with high-definition video and audio capabilities to ensure a seamless and immersive viewing experience for both internal staff and external stakeholders.

  • Interactive Content Development: Creation of engaging and informative content tailored to the specific needs of each event, including dynamic presentations, panel discussions, and educational sessions led by industry experts and thought leaders.

  • Participant Engagement Strategies: Implementation of targeted participant engagement strategies, including pre-event communication, post-event surveys, and interactive elements within the virtual platform to encourage networking and knowledge sharing.


By embracing innovative virtual event solutions, we successfully enhanced engagement and knowledge dissemination among its internal teams and external stakeholders. The implementation of interactive features and high-quality production standards resulted in increased participation, positive feedback from attendees, and the ability to reach a broader audience beyond traditional physical event limitations. The company solidified its position as an industry leader in delivering impactful and seamlessly executed financial virtual events and webcasts, setting a benchmark for the integration of digital solutions in the investment management sector.

Final Thoughts:

  • While the transition to virtual events and webcasts proved successful overall, there were initial challenges in acclimatizing internal teams and stakeholders to the digital platform. Some participants experienced technical difficulties, leading to minor disruptions during certain events.

  • The virtual setting posed limitations on the ability to replicate the same level of personal interaction and networking opportunities that were readily available at physical conferences. It became evident that more comprehensive training and support were required to ensure seamless participation and engagement for all attendees.

  • Despite these challenges, continuous feedback and adaptability allowed for the refinement of the virtual event strategy, leading to improved participant experiences and a stronger digital presence for CI Investments.

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