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Revolutionizing Beauty:

Unveiling the Restylane® 25-Year

Anniversary Celebration

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The collaboration between Galderma, a renowned American-Swiss pharmaceutical company specializing in dermatological treatments, and Six Degrees Medical, a global medcomms agency, culminated in the successful execution of the Restylane® 25 Year Anniversary celebration. As the Digital Project Manager and Account Lead for this milestone project, I led the management and coordination of the entire project. From engaging international speakers to orchestrating the creation of an immersive online event platform, my role encompassed liaising with cross-functional teams, managing client expectations, ensuring a flawless live event production, providing post-event analytics, and addressing attendees' inquiries and concerns throughout the event.

Identified Objectives: 

  • Ensuring smooth coordination of the entire event, from engaging international speakers to managing the technical aspects of the online event platform.

  • Managing client expectations and delivering an event that meets or exceeds their requirements and vision for the Restylane® 25 Year Anniversary celebration.

  • Facilitating effective communication and collaboration between various teams involved in the project, ensuring seamless coordination and successful outcomes.

  • Overseeing the attendees' experience during the event, addressing any issues or concerns, and ensuring their engagement and satisfaction throughout the celebration.

  • Collecting and analyzing post-event data to provide valuable insights into the success of the event, including attendee engagement, platform performance, and overall event impact.


  • Dealing with potential technical glitches and ensuring the smooth functioning of the online event platform to deliver an uninterrupted and immersive virtual experience.

  • Nurturing effective communication and engagement with international speakers, ensuring their active participation and contribution to the event despite the virtual setting.

  • Addressing the diverse needs and expectations of a global audience, including time zone differences, language preferences, and cultural nuances, to create an inclusive and engaging experience for all participants.

  • Adjusting to evolving event requirements and last-minute changes while maintaining the overall vision and objectives of the Restylane® 25 Year Anniversary celebration.

  • Striking a balance between meeting client expectations for the event and ensuring a satisfying and meaningful experience for the attendees, addressing both stakeholder needs while delivering a successful and memorable celebration.

Strategy and Execution:

"Interactive learning is the future. We want engaging courses that help us grow as financial advisors."

  • Collaborative Conceptualization: Involving cross-functional teams, event organizers, and Galderma representatives in the initial conceptualization phase to ensure a shared understanding of the event's goals and objectives, fostering a collaborative approach from the outset.

  • Seamless Event Planning: Utilizing meticulous planning and organization to coordinate various aspects of the virtual event, including speaker engagements, content development, and technical requirements, ensuring a seamless and engaging experience for the attendees.

  • Streamlined Execution Process: Implementing a well-defined execution process, delineating responsibilities and timelines for each team member involved, and facilitating effective communication channels to enable smooth and synchronized execution throughout the project.

  • Agile Adaptation to Changes: Maintaining an agile approach to adapt to evolving project requirements and unforeseen challenges, allowing for quick decision-making and proactive problem-solving to ensure the successful delivery of the Restylane® 25 Year Anniversary celebration.

  • Post-Event Analysis and Reflection: Conducting a comprehensive analysis of the event's success metrics, gathering feedback from attendees and stakeholders, and reflecting on key learnings and areas for improvement to inform future event planning and execution strategies.


The Restylane® 25 Year Anniversary celebration garnered widespread acclaim, leaving a lasting impression on attendees and stakeholders within the dermatological and skincare community. The meticulously crafted online space facilitated a lot of engagement, fostering meaningful interactions and knowledge-sharing among industry experts and participants from across the globe. Through the seamless execution of the live event, robust post-event analytics, and responsive attendee support, the Restylane® 25 Year Anniversary celebration not only celebrated a significant milestone but also reinforced Galderma's commitment to innovation, education, and excellence within the realm of dermatological advancements.

Final Thoughts:

  • Balancing the diverse expectations of international speakers and stakeholders within the fast-paced virtual environment necessitated a flexible and agile approach, often requiring quick adjustments to accommodate evolving requirements and preferences. This experience provided me with a deeper understanding of the intricacies involved in collaborating with global teams, fostering effective communication, and aligning diverse perspectives toward a common goal.

  • Overseeing the project reinforced my ability to manage client expectations, address their concerns proactively, and cultivate strong, long-term relationships based on trust, transparency, and effective communication.

  • Dealing with participants and team members across different time zones presented logistical challenges, demanding meticulous scheduling and effective time management to facilitate smooth communication and coordination.

  • Managing the digital aspects of the project honed my event management skills, enabling me to navigate complex technical requirements, anticipate potential challenges, and ensure a seamless and engaging experience for all participants.

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